The Cellar

The cellar is divided in two parts, the vinification area with a crusher-stemmer that let us squeeze our grapes softly in order to achieve the best yield in terms of color and organoleptic. The tanks are thermos-conditioned to monitor all the phases of the alcoholic fermentation and the temperature, a very important factor in red wines making. Once the fermentation has finished the wines are moved in the area dedicated to conservation and ageing, here, in the “old” historical cellar of the grandparents where the temperature is stable the whole year, wines have the time to rest and ripen either in the inox tanks or in the barriques depending on the wine type.

Once the wines are ready to be served they are prepared and divided in different shapes depending on the customer requests: Loose wine for the jug sale, wine in the practical Bag-In-Box of 5-10-20 lt or bottled wine. Bottles usually spend a time span from a few months to up a year in dark boxes with a temperature of 18-20 ° C where the product has the time to ripen and improve to be lately consumed from all the wine lovers.

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