Our Story

“La Moresca” was born in 30s when the grandpa Stefano “Lino” and grandma Pasqualina “Ina” decide to buy the farm and the surrounding fields. From the passion of the grandpa and thanks to the winery knowledges inherited by the earlier generations of good winegrowers he starts cultivate the already existent vineyards and starts expand its vineyard by seeding new vineyards of Barbera. So, that’s how it started the company progress. Restoration processes was made to the underground cellar where temperature and humidity ends up to be optimal for the winery related processes and wine conservation; first Barrels was bought, the cellar was upgraded with new and modern tools for a correct vinification. However, those were different days where the “Barbera” used to be considered a low-quality wine that used to fit to stronger taste and not to refined ones, Moscato didn’t use to be as famous as it is now and the market was populated by wines of little quality and doubt genuineness.

Hard times came for the grandparents with three little child to grow up and in the middle of the fascist regime…but despite difficulties grandpa Lino keeps with the passion that distinguish him since always to cultivate grapes and to produce wine. Thanks to his perseverance and braveness that today we “Albenga” can continue this big inheritance made by vineyards and ambitions, tradition and innovation. The war ends, life quality improves, sons grow up and the first customers arrive and the first satisfactions (and luckily the first earnings!). Meanwhile Aldo, the last of the sons start to fascinate to grape and wine and despite the pressions of grandma Ina that wanted him to graduate, he decides to follow the family company. The second generation starts: dad Aldo. We reach early 70s, anything goes in the right way. Aldo meets Silvana Cerruti, a girl from Calosso, and they get married.

Also the Cerruti’s family is used to the grape cultivation so a cooperation with grandpa Giovanni and grandma Nella starts. We arrive to the year 1976: suddenly grandpa Lino dies. Too early, too young, his key figure as a father and his charisma remains an example for anyone. Life continues, despite numerous difficulties and regrets, the company is held by dad Aldo with the help of his father and mother-in-law and the help of his wife Silvana. A year later Luca was born and with him the third generation starts. We then arrive to our days, Luca has grown up and he graduated, he helps mom and dad in the adventure of “La Moresca”. Luca tries to use the knowledge developed to aim at the quality and also him gets fascinated from the sweet hills of the Monferrato and from bouquets that wine are able to gift. To his constant and stubborn work an expert enologist is hired and placed side by side to him, thanks to his meticulous and gentle work of monitoring, Luca’s ambitions start to shape and also the traditional dad Aldo adapts to the new methods of wine-making and vineyard administration. Today, we try to resume all our story and our passion into the wines we produce, is now your turn as customers, wine lovers judge if our products can gift you the same sensation that we Albenga feel all the time we shake a chalice of wine, we travel a grape line at the sunset or we seek a hare puppy run through our vineyards…the best way to understand our peculiarities is to come and know us. See you soon!